Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mod list compilation

I have consolidated all my mod lists into one site! Whoop!

The last few months have seen an interesting turn in where we upload and download our mods. The loss of PES and ElricM was a great loss to us all. Though Fliggerty has stepped in and managed to save mods from being lost.

As such, a lot of my mod lists, now have broken links - and it is going to prove a chellenge to fix them all!

One step that I have made to make it easier on myself to fix those links is to provide a place where all my mod lists are under one roof, so to speak. This will help me to identify broken links and then replace them accordingly.

So I present the Blog:

So what Mod lists are on there? The following:

The Mod lists All updates to the mod lists will no longer be posted in their respected mod list threads - in fact those threads will no longer be maintained. All updates for the lists will be posted on the blog and this thread. It makes it a little less messy and gives me more control :smile:


Friday, 10 August 2012

Working on a new area for Shrine of Falzan! Thought I would offer up this screenshot from the CS.

Click to enlarge

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Falmer Project gets some Cover Art

The Shrine of Falzan is just one of a handful of mods that come under the Title of "The Falmer Project" - so to make a more universal, brand, series I made some "cover art"

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Shrine of Falzan - New Screenshots

Progress may be slow but at least progress is being made! I present to you some screent shots from the new area I have been working on. Please note that the screenshots were taken in the Construction set and are NOT in game shots.

click on the screenshots to enlarge.

A nest of some sort...

...Who do these eggs belong to?

The remains of a long ago battle.

Here the dead rest.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Falzan layout and progress update!

So since I have been posting alot about Falzan some have been asking about how large the dungeon is, if there are any bosses and if I can release an updated "progress map".

In answer to these questions:

-The dungeon is currently six interiors - its planned to be nine.
- There is a "Main Boss" and also some unique/over powered creatures. Yellow questions marks (?) denote these locations.
- Yes I can do a progress map! see below :D

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shrine of Falzan updated Video! New features!

Hi guys!

So I've done some more work on the Shrine of Falzan, and due to request, I have made some footage of some of the cool features I have put into the mod. I've combined it with the previous released "Lava Trap" video - so if oyu've seen that footage before, I apologise (just skip that bit in the new video)

Secondly, I also apologise for the shot length of the video! But dont want to show too much :P

 Peace out


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

100th Mod celebrations! Swamp trolls and Sila Hammers!

So a while back I promised you all some swamp trolls, right? Well  I have a confession to make - I have already released the swamp troll but forgot to update the blog! So for that I apologise.

You can download the swamp troll either from PES or GHF - Take your pick - but don't forget to vote on PES haha.

In other news I have released my Falmer "Sila" hammer resource!

Download Sila Hammer from PES or GHF. 

 With this release it brings my total released mods to 100 - NOT counting various other projects, mods, requests and tweaks that I have sent off over the nets for other people to add into their mods.

So you've come at a quick glance and discovered two new releases including my 100th mod. I hope you can join me in in celebration as I recall my efforts as a newbie  when I first opened the CS and learnt to mod. I hope you can join me as I look back upon my struggles with dialogue, my fights with scripting and the wars over texture creation. The many late night rages as CTD's caused data to be lost and most to disappear. I hope that you can join me as I say that it was all fun, and that in many years to come, I shall continue to mod a game that has come to mean to much to so many people.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Swamp Trolls Are Coming!

So I promised this swamp troll a while back! (Over a year or so - possibly longer!) I thought I had lost the files but I found them on a dusty disc, at the bottom of a draw! So I am currently zipping it up and hopefully, after some more testing, it will be uploaded for download within an hour or two!

Unofficial Bloodmoon Patch is here!

I know its taken a while but the Unofficial bloodmoon patch is here! You can download it from GHF here: Click me! If fixes the following:
This is a "patch" [MOD"] - That fixes some minor bugs in the Bloodmoon expansion. This patch fixes the following: CLEANED WITH ENCHANTED EDITOR This is a "patch" [MOD] - That fixes some minor bugs in the Bloodmoon expansion.
This patch fixes the following:
BUG: Sados Relothan's house in Raven Rock - there is no Sados Relothan anywhere in the game or the CS. Fix: Added Sados Relothan to the game Bug: In Sados Relothan's house an item [misc_de_bowl_orange_green_01] is listed as belonging to Sakin Sanammasour, an otherwise un-notable Ashlander living in Suran. Fix: Changed the ownership to Sados Relothan Bug: The remaining Items in Sados Relothan's house have no ownership. Fix: Assigned ownership to all items in house [to that of Sados Relothan] Bug: Holly Bush [Flora_BM_holly_06] was not set to respawn. Fix: Made [Flora_BM_holly_06] organic container and set to respawn. Bug: Vacant House in Raven Rock Fix: More of a tweak - Gave vacant house in Raven rock an owner [Colette Marence - she is an apothacary]. Bug: Zeno Faustus, the blacksmith of Fort Frostmoth is suposed to sell imperial armor but he wears it. Fix: added extra armor so that Zeno Faustus sells imperial armor to the player Bug: Mirisa the Redguard missionary isnt wearing shoes Fix: Added shoes to Mirisa. Bug: Brynjolfr hut contains a Nordic Silver Shortsword that would give him a full set of Nordic Silver weaponry but it is not owned by him and so he doesn't sell it Fix: Assigned owner ship to the shortsword so Brynjolfr will sell it. Bug: Draugr are not actually considered undead by the game and are instead set as creatures. As such, Turn Undead spells will not work against them. Fix: Made Draugr "Undead" so that Turn Undead spells will work. (Mirisa actaully sells a turn undead spell so I think the Devs meant to make them undead) Bug: The Swimmer [BM_horker_swim_UNIQUE] missing frost immunity that generic horkers have. Fix: Added missing frost immunity Bug: Unique Rieklings [BM_riekling_be_UNIQUE1-5] missing random loot and spells/abilities Fix: Added random loot and spells to unique rieklings 1-5 [BM_riekling_be_UNIQUE1-5] Bug: Skaal Guards dont carry Shields Fix: Skaal Gaurds are given Shields Bug: Nord leg has an enchantment but it wasnt assigned Fix: Assigned correct enchantment to the Nord Leg Bug: Udyrfrykte after attack on thirsk has arrows portruding from back but none in inventory when killed Fix: Added arrows to the Udyrfrykte's inventory so you can loot them on death Bug: Hammock in Factors estate is unusable Fix: You can now sleep in the Hammock in the Factors Estate Bug: Four Floating Bottles in Factors Estate Fix: Placed correctly on shelf (No longer floating!) Bug: Two Floating bowls in Factors Estate Fix: Placed correctly on Shelf Bug: Tapestry in Factors estate inside wall/clipping Fix: Moved it forward so no longer clips with wall Bug: Two floating plates above cupboards in [Raven Rock,Bar] Fix: Positioned the plates correctly on the cupboards Bug: Three Floating plate above cupboard in [Raven Rock,Bar] Fix: Positioned the plates correctly on the cupboard Bug: Standing Lamp in [Raven Rock, Bar] clipping with Kegstand Fix: Positioned the stnading lamp so it no longer clips Bug: Floating sack [com_sack_02_pos] in [Raven Rock, Seler Favelnim's House] Fix: Positioned and placed correctly so no longer floating. Bug: Floating Book in [Raven Rock, Seler Favelnim's House] Fix: Positioned correctly so no longer floating Bug: Clipping between book and cup in [Raven Rock, Seler Favelnim's House] Fix: re-Positioned cup so it no longer clips Bug: Floating Jug in [Raven Rock, Seler Favelnim's House] Fix: re-positioned jug so its no longer floating

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Daedric Experience

Working on a new mod! The Deadric Experience! Its seeks to improve the experience of fighting (and geting rewarded for killing) Dremora.

So whats changed?

- 3 New Dremoras: 2 varities of Daedric prince and 1 daedric Patriarch (each with unique meshes).
- All Dremora have a 10% chance of dropping a piece of Daedric Armor
- Atronach's no longer have "reflect" instead they have a spell absorb 50% (Like the birthsign of the same name!)

Dremora's and Dremora Lords have had the Reflect ability removed.
The dremora princes appear at level 40
Dremora Patriarch appears at level 50

Dremora Princes and Patriarchs are alot stonger than Dremora lords, having access to fire spells and stronger shield spells!

So the low down on the creatures and their drops!


10% chance to drop a piece of daedric armor (boots, greaves, curiass, left or right pauldron, left or right gauntlet)
They dont drop shields or helms!

Dremora Lords:

10% chance to drop a piece of daedric armor, same as regular dremora, BUT also chance to drop a shield..

Deadric Prince of Terror:

10% chance of dropping daedric armor including shield. ALSO chance to drop Deadric Helm of Terror

Deadric Prince of Inspiration:

10% chance of dropping daedric armor including shield. ALSO chance to drop Deadric Helm of Inspiration

Deadric Patriarch:

10% chance of dropping the Daedric armor, including shield and towershield, as well as the daedric helm of God.
Also has a chance of dropping enchanted curiass and greaves
Unlike other dremora the patriarch drops ONLY deadric weapons.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shrine of Falzan: Production shots and layout

Dear blog people of the net! An update!

 I have been asked recently how the progress on the shrine of Falzan is going to which I responded its getting there. This led to a debate about how modders always post half finished/fully finished CS or Game shots of interiors/areas/exteriors/NPC's/textures etc... when in a dungeon mod it makes sense to get a layout of the dungeon. So I thought on this.

 I now present you with "layout" screens. These are ariel shots of the dungeon from within the CS which show the current finished areas to give an idea of the number of interiors, their size and the overall planned interiors of the mod. I have also provided a shot which shows all interiors in comparison to each other along side planned interiors with links showing entrances to each interior (ie how they link to each other.)

 Hope you enjoy this unique perspective :D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More screens!

Here's some more screen shots form the current "cave" system in the Shrine of Falzan. Enjoy :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket