Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Falzan layout and progress update!

So since I have been posting alot about Falzan some have been asking about how large the dungeon is, if there are any bosses and if I can release an updated "progress map".

In answer to these questions:

-The dungeon is currently six interiors - its planned to be nine.
- There is a "Main Boss" and also some unique/over powered creatures. Yellow questions marks (?) denote these locations.
- Yes I can do a progress map! see below :D

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Shrine of Falzan updated Video! New features!

Hi guys!

So I've done some more work on the Shrine of Falzan, and due to request, I have made some footage of some of the cool features I have put into the mod. I've combined it with the previous released "Lava Trap" video - so if oyu've seen that footage before, I apologise (just skip that bit in the new video)

Secondly, I also apologise for the shot length of the video! But dont want to show too much :P

 Peace out