Sunday, 30 June 2013

Updated on the Drow Bows

Drow bows are nearing a release!

I have four bows done (no more than that!) - 2 distinct models. 

Learnt alot about texturing when making these, alot about UV maps and high res texutres/layers so I am quite proud of them.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Falmer texture update - and i am done!

More screens

Skyrim Inspired Falmer - Update!

Tweaked the mesh and textures, making some variants:

Falmer Soldier

Falmer Soldier

Falmer Chief

Falmer Chaurus Staff - Shrine of Falzan

justa quick one - forgot to post this:

Skyrim Style Falmer

I may have been away from the net for a while but Morrowind is never far from my mind. In particular the vast amount of mods that I am working on. One in particular is taking new turns all the time. That is the Shrine of Falzan.

The shrine of Falzan, the 4th in the Falmer Project mod series that looks to put Falmer ruins on Solsthiem takes some inspiration from Skyrim. I've wanted to add actual falmer into the game for a while even considering ressurrecting the race but I thought no, I like the race to be gone. I like Skyrims approach - having the falmer decedents, a no longer proud and noble race but rather a goblin type creature.

With help from the guys at Great House Fliggerty I took it upon myself to learn blender and to recreate the Skyrim style Falmer. After messing around with some heads from a Playable Falmer race I created a head that suited my needs. Using blender, nifskope and I cobbled together a new creature (to date all my creature mods are two or more existing creatures meshes together with new textures), and thus created what I can call a "New creature" (only about 89% vanilla meshes! my "most newest complete creature" to date)

So I give you, with comparison of the head mesh I edited in blender and the creature I hacked to bits:

Skyrim Style Falmer