Saturday, 11 February 2012

More screens!

Here's some more screen shots form the current "cave" system in the Shrine of Falzan. Enjoy :)

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The Shrine of Falzan - New pictures!

So now that I am back in the swing of modding and picking up old projects I thought it was only fair to show you all what I have been working on.

As many of you know I have been working on a sequel to The Neverhalls and The Forgottenhalls, looking to expand upon the Falmer and giving them more a presence in Solsthiem beyond what exists already.

The over all project is called "The Falmer Project" and currently boasts the mods: Snow Prince Enhanced, The Neverhalls and The Forgottenhalls. The fourth mod in the series is a completely new dungeon crawler - The Shrine of Falzan (as opposed to an expansion like the Forgottenhalls was.) Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning will know a bit about the Shrine of Falzan who's screen shots decorate the blog on the right hand side.

It beings me great joy to announce that I have been working on the project again these last few days, thinking what I want from the mod and where it can go and I have come up some ideas and started modding new areas and its slowly expanding beyond the small ruin that I wanted.

Anyone who is interested in the Shrine of Falzan can follow/post in the official forum thread. Also please feel free to follow me on Twitter and follow the blog for updates!

So without further delay here are the latest screen shots from the Shrine of Falzan.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Update for Creature Pack III - Version 1.1 out already!

Thanks to eagle eyed modder Trancemaster  a bug in Creature Pack III has been found. I've fixed it and updated the file accordingly! There should be no issues now :D

Here's the patch notes:

version 1.1 - fixed issue with deathdealer helmet having wrong texture path
 If you downloaded the old version before the update just redownload and install over the old one clicking yes if it asks to override! 


Creature pack 1.1download
Creature pack support thread

Creature Pack III is released! Finally!

Ladies, Gents, Boys, Girls, Mer and Gods,

I am pleased to announce that Creature Pack III is finally released! After being in the works for many months - most of the time the pack was just sitting around on my HD doing nothing - its here.

This resource contains the meshes and textures for four new creatures. There is NO ESP and as such
the creatures must first be set up in the CS before use.

The meshes/textures are for the following creatures:

- Owl Bear
- Hookclaw
- Hookclaw Elder
- Deathdealer

The Mod can be downloaded from here:


For any bugs, comments or hate mail please post on the official forum thread for the mod found here: CLICKY FOR FORUM THREAD!

Now for images and a nice video!
(Click the images to enlarge)
Death Dealer

Powerful undead warriors

Owl Bears
Strong bear-like creatures with the head of an owl/eagle influenced by DnD creature of the same name

Hook Horrors
Another DnD creature that I have made for morrowind. They stalk dark caves creating nests and killing anything that gets close

Hook Horror Elder
They seem to lead the Hook Horrors, acting as a sort of tribal leader over the nests. Very fast and very strong

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Finally here is a video showing the creatures at work:

I am Back :D - Site updates!

Howdy folks!

Finally fixed my laptop and got round to ordering a new Morrowind Disc. Also finish Skyrim and got the 1000G for the 360. Also balancing work and real life much more efficiently now! So what do this mean?

Well it means I am back and modding Morrowind again! Also posting blog updates! Yay!

So first order of business - I have removed the Skyrim countdown! Only three months later haha.

Second order of business - MODS! Expect a mod to be released very soon. In fact within the next hour! Hurrah!

And finally: Thank you for your continued support! To everyone reading this now - Thank you.