Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mod list compilation

I have consolidated all my mod lists into one site! Whoop!

The last few months have seen an interesting turn in where we upload and download our mods. The loss of PES and ElricM was a great loss to us all. Though Fliggerty has stepped in and managed to save mods from being lost.

As such, a lot of my mod lists, now have broken links - and it is going to prove a chellenge to fix them all!

One step that I have made to make it easier on myself to fix those links is to provide a place where all my mod lists are under one roof, so to speak. This will help me to identify broken links and then replace them accordingly.

So I present the Blog:

So what Mod lists are on there? The following:

The Mod lists All updates to the mod lists will no longer be posted in their respected mod list threads - in fact those threads will no longer be maintained. All updates for the lists will be posted on the blog and this thread. It makes it a little less messy and gives me more control :smile: