Sunday, 21 April 2013

Nord Bows

Been working on some new bows for Solsthiem. So far I have a standard bow and a bow to match the Nordic mail armor:

Hagraven thing!

Took a break from Falzan and Frostmoth docks and came up with a hagraven type creature:

Monday, 15 April 2013

Forst Frostmoth Docks Enhanced - working on a new version!

Been working on a new version of Fort Frostmoth Docks enhanced.

Aside from adding in more clutter, I've added in a light house, guard tower, refined the path to the fort and also made some addtions to the fort itself! Theres alot more than the previous version now.

Heres some shots from the construction set (note the rubble in the fort is part of the Bloodmoon main quest - it was not added by me. It is not seen in game untill the werewolf attack)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Meet the Wheat!

So continuing with the skyrim inspired theme I took a stab at making some wheat for a farm. With a modified "wickwheat" mesh from Morrowind and some new textures I came up with this:

Chicken hut take 2!

I've found a new texture for the hay - making it seem less "pillow like" and more spread out. Also added a second beam across the bottom to mirror the top.

As mentioned in a previous post there will be a version that comes without the hay!

Chicken huts to go with chicken nests?

Continuing out Skyrim style theme, and chicken nests, I've made a skyrim style chicken hut:

Nest new

tweaked the mesh, added some sticks and more "straw"

Showing of some new meshes

threw together this nest as couldnt find any out there. It comes with and without the egg.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

almost finished

So finished the fence with a default texture!

Should have it uploaded soonish!

fence update

Tweaked the mesh to get rid of a strange shaddow in the center of the sticks. 
The textures in the first pick are using a texture replacer from my game as they use a deafult texture from Morrowind. So it will be effected by texture packs.

The last picture is the fence using just a standard wood texture from morrowind. 

working on a wooden fence

So been working on some new resources today.

Inspired by Skyrims "Wicker wooden" fences for their farms, gardens and just marking boundaries I took a stab at it myself: