Wednesday, 30 May 2012

100th Mod celebrations! Swamp trolls and Sila Hammers!

So a while back I promised you all some swamp trolls, right? Well  I have a confession to make - I have already released the swamp troll but forgot to update the blog! So for that I apologise.

You can download the swamp troll either from PES or GHF - Take your pick - but don't forget to vote on PES haha.

In other news I have released my Falmer "Sila" hammer resource!

Download Sila Hammer from PES or GHF. 

 With this release it brings my total released mods to 100 - NOT counting various other projects, mods, requests and tweaks that I have sent off over the nets for other people to add into their mods.

So you've come at a quick glance and discovered two new releases including my 100th mod. I hope you can join me in in celebration as I recall my efforts as a newbie  when I first opened the CS and learnt to mod. I hope you can join me as I look back upon my struggles with dialogue, my fights with scripting and the wars over texture creation. The many late night rages as CTD's caused data to be lost and most to disappear. I hope that you can join me as I say that it was all fun, and that in many years to come, I shall continue to mod a game that has come to mean to much to so many people.