Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lake View Manor - A Hearthfire Modlist.

Hello everyone,

I have picked a strange topic for this post but it is one that I have wanted to make for a long time. While there are many mods out there that add super forts or massive player homes to Skyrim, I have pretty much loved the Hearthfire locations. In particular the Lake View Manor house.

What it is about this area I do not know, but its my go to home every time. On top of this I like building my own home.

Now before we being you will see a lot of mods on here that are designed to enhance the Hearthfire experience at Lake View Manor. What you will NOT find are large, terrain altering "super mods". What I mean about a super mod is a mod that adds loads of stuff. I like to keep things simple, small so as better to have control over what I would like to get out of the game.

Also, I felt rather lonley out in the wilderness so I have included a "compliments" mod section which, amoung other things, includes two town mods which sit either side of the genral area that the house is built. It truly feels like you are a lord of the land!

As such the following list of mods are mods that I use to give me a greater control over the way my Lake View Manor looks and I hope that you will all enjoy it.




Any mod listed here is what I class as essential for anyone using the Hearthfire DLC.

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition PatchA comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition (Which includes Hearthfire)


The mods in this section change the interior of the house or add to it. 

Shezrie's Hearthfire Kitchens and Greenhouses
The kitchen mods place a kitchen in the small room behind the main hall in the Hearthfire houses. So now instead of using up the East Wing for a kitchen, you are free to use it as a Library or Armory and still have a working kitchen. The greenhouses put a greenhouse in the North Wing of Hearthfire's houses. So now you don't have to choose between a greenhouse and bedrooms.[NOTE: its is recommended that you do not build anything in the NORTH WING with this mod.]
 Hearthfire Attics
Adds attics to the Hearthfire homes.

Interactive Wash Basins For Hearthfire
This mod makes the wash basins in Hearthfire homes usable. Using the wash basins gets you clean which increases your health regeneration by 10% for 4 hours 

DLC Shrines for Hearthfire Homes
This mod adds 4 new buildable shrines in the cellar of all Hearthfire homes. You can now construct altars to Auriel, Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala using Hearthfire's build your own house system.  

Coffin Cubby.
A secret room for your coffin.
I personally use the Coffin Cubby - Lair : Adds a much larger room complete with coffin, candle, dining table, blood extraction area, and of course your own personal cattle! file.

Lakeview Manor Staff Enchanter
This mod adds the ability to craft a staff enchanter to Lakeview Manor.  It can be located on the second floor of the main hall.

Dragon Claw Stands.
A simple mod to provide display stands for your dragon claws.Not all houses can display every claw due to limited space. The Hearthfire houses split them up between the Main Hall and the basement 


The mods in this section change the exterior of the house or add to it.

Lakeview Manor Upgrades  
A small simple mod that adds a wall that can be built, guards to patrol, some extra lighting. As well as the option to have the steward remove the Warlock Altar.

Lakeview Manor Fish Hatchery plus opt Mill
Adds a Fish Hatchery to Lakeview Manor in Falkreath. Same Hatchery as the one in Windstad Manor. [NOTE: I use only the Fish Hatchery as unfortunately the placement of the optional mill conflicts with other mods in this list.]
Hearthfire Balconies
I use ONLY the Arbor and Fountain setup. What you choose to use is up to you. 
 Larger Hearthfire Gardens.
Adds more planting spaces to existing Hearthfire gardens. [NOTE: See also "compliments" for More plants and recipes for Hearthfire mod that can be used with this one.]

Lakeview Manor Cellar Door
This is a simple mod that adds a trapdoor from the outside of Lakeview Manor leading straight to Lakeview Manor Cellar. 

 Lakeview Manor Road - Hearthfire
This mod adds a road from the lake just north of Hearthfire DLC's Lakeview Manor
[NOTE: Only use version 1.2. NOT 1.2b. IT will cause conflicts with other mods in this list]

Lakeview Manor Lights
Outdoor lighting for the Hearthfire Lakeview Manor home.

Lakeview Chairs
Adds two chairs. No really. Just two chairs. 


This section covers new NPC's added or old NPC's changed.

Hearthfire Black smith (Material Merchants)
Adds a smithing materials merchant to the three homesteads for Hearthfire. 

Dominions Hearthfire Stewards
Adds new NPCs who can become stewards for those that don't want to use the original companions.

In-House Materials Merchant for Hearthfire homesteads
your new home comes with a specialised Khajiit who deals exclusively in Hearthfire items.

Lakeview Manor Merchant - Haus Seeblick Haendler
Add a merchant in Lakeview Manor cellar.

General Merchant for Lakeview (in Pinewatch)
Antonius is a general merchant, who is also a fence, and he is in Pinewatch's exterior. You can find him sandboxing around the area. 


This section contains mods that make it easier to get access to Hearthfire materials such as clay, stone, glass and what not.

Hearthfire - Buy Ingots From Stewards
Allows you to have Iron and Corundum ingots delivered to your chest in batches of 20 and 10 respectively, by talking to your steward 

Hearthfire materials buy from Blacksmith
This mod adds the commen building materials to all Blacksmith merchants.The materials added: 100 Nails, 10 Locks, 20 Hinges and 20 Fittings.

Buy stone blocks and clay. Hearthfire.
Allows you to buy stone blocks and clay from merchants like Belethor.

Hearthfire is a part of skyrim 
Adds 4 ovens into the game. Every tavern now has the new items like milk, butter, breadloafs, pies and wine


Mods that affect Lakeview manor but don't fit in any other category.

Daily Eggs
This mod makes only chicken nests respawn daily (every 24 hours).

Lakeview Manor Horse Relocation
sets your horse to spawn on the right side of the stable if you fast-travel to Lakeview Manor. 

Simple Cow and Goat Milking
This mod adds the ability for you to walk up, activate a cow or goat, and watch a brief animation before you receive a jug of milk

Workable Churns
Allows you to use the Hearthfire churn at any time if you have a jug of milk to spare. No more waiting for respawns! Now, 1 jug of milk can be converted into 1 bowl of butter. Complete with immersive messages such as "You've made butter." and clanking sounds.


These mods while not actual Lake View Manor mods compliment Lakeview manor.

More plants and recipes for Hearthfire including Dawnguard and Dragonborn plants
As the name suggests allows for the planting of more plants.

Return Home - Teleport Spells - With Optional Hearthfire Support
This mod will add a spell tome to each of the 5 houses you can purchase throughout Skyrim. Using this tome will teach you a spell called Return To "Home Name" that will teleport you back to that particular house.The Hearthfire version contains everything from the normal version but also books for the Hearthfire houses

Places: Oakwood -Hearthfire Edition-
Oakwood is a small hamlet in Falkreath hold on the road between Falkreath and Riverwood. It sits on beside the lake that Lakeview manor gets built on!
Town of Pinewatch (Near Lakeview Manor)
This mod adds a fully navmeshed village around Pinewatch with NPCs that have their own lives and schedules! Does not move Pinewatch.