Thursday, 12 February 2015

Gameboy Modding - Pokemon, Charizard.

Hello everyone,

I know this is blog for Morrowind and Skyrim modding but I wanted to share my latest creation with you. Its a mod for a gameboy. A real life mod!

Many of you may have seen that video of the artist Oskunk painting his with a picture of Charizard. If you havnt I suggest you check it out. Its a really good bit of work.

I thought to myself - how the hell did he do that? After some research I decided to give it a go myself. I mean what could go wrong, right?

Getting an old broken gameboy (£10 thank you ebay!) I used some citidel paint; the stuff they use on warhammer figures and painted it red. I got my hands on the pens that Oskunk uses and well started work on my own version. Below is the end product as well as some snaps of my progress throughout the experience.

I had a fund time doing this and I learned a lot!


This is the end product (scroll down for more pics.)