Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Shrine of Falzan: Production shots and layout

Dear blog people of the net! An update!

 I have been asked recently how the progress on the shrine of Falzan is going to which I responded its getting there. This led to a debate about how modders always post half finished/fully finished CS or Game shots of interiors/areas/exteriors/NPC's/textures etc... when in a dungeon mod it makes sense to get a layout of the dungeon. So I thought on this.

 I now present you with "layout" screens. These are ariel shots of the dungeon from within the CS which show the current finished areas to give an idea of the number of interiors, their size and the overall planned interiors of the mod. I have also provided a shot which shows all interiors in comparison to each other along side planned interiors with links showing entrances to each interior (ie how they link to each other.)

 Hope you enjoy this unique perspective :D

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